Hello and welcome back with luck appointment! Last week we had 5 participants on Scorum and one on Publish0x! The winner was the legendary @svarogbg, the only one to have bet on Lazio's victory, so also last week there was no need for the wheel! We hope this will be a good week to unleash the craziest wheel in the world!

The choice of this week's match again falls on the Italian Serie A, with a very hot match very feel by both teams supporters! It seems to be a beautiful year for Italian football that could rise a little after so many years of domination by a single team, Juventus. The CR7 team has boosted even more, but above all it has changed his coach, Maurizio Sarri will have the task of winning and finally making the former Allegri team to play well, as far as good playing is concerned was really bad.

Napoli has also remained almost the same but with some new strong player like Manolas, a team that will try to improve more despite the last championship was already at high levels.

The absolute surprise seems to be Inter, the arrival of Conte has given grit and awareness to the team, who despite having put Icardi and Naingollan in the corner has made a great buying campaign taking really good players like Lukaku, Godin, Sanchez and Sensi .

Another team that could do well in Serie A and also in Europe with his first Champions League appointment is Atalanta, already very strong last year when it managed to score more goals than all the others team in the championship, the addition of Muriel and Skrtel seems to have given even more strength to the beautiful game that the team of Mr. Gasperini expresses.

But now let's get back to the Lady Luck!



  • Valid bets are only 1, X, 2.
  • The names of those who have written the right prediction will be placed on https://wheeldecide.com by me and the wheel will chose the winner!... I will film everything live!
  • After that I will upload the video to the official Youtube Scorum Italia TV (Give us a like if you want to help us to grow the channel) I will reply to your comments with the link.
  • The winner will get 50 SCR and must bet them on Betscorum.com on how many matches and odds he want.


This week's game is:

(1) Juventus - Napoli (2) | Saturday 31 August - 8:45 pm


👨‍🎨 Logo contest is still active!!! 🎨

The cover logo and the one above are @jon.bonomo's work, another user is working on the logo, he contacted me personally on TG, you can do the same!

Here are four simple rules:

  • The winner will be decided by the Scorum community
  • Top 3 winners will receive 200 SCRs
  • From the fourth onwards they will receive 50 SCRs of participation
  • The deadline will be established based on the needs of the participants, just write a comment and/or contact me

You don't need to be an expert, any drawing done even freehand could be the new logo! If you are able to draw decently or are skilled in computer graphics and want to participate you will be more than welcome!!

I'm waiting for you!!

🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇🏆 🥇

I wish you all good luck with your bets and also good work if you want to participate at the contest in the contest!

A hug to everyone and see you soon!

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