2 bets today on this really interesting match we have tonight between 2 of the best teams at the moment : Milwaukee @ Denver ! First of all Denver is a good defensive team, with fewer possessions played than the average in NBA. So they concede less rebounds that's why I chose to take an under rebounds on Middleton. The cut was for me already to low so with adding the fact they play against Denver, the bet is good to take.

The second bet is on Jokic. I placed a similar bet (you can find it and the analyse in one of my previous posts) on Nurkic when he played against the Bucks, mainly based on the match-up, Lopez who tends to play out of the paint creating less rebounds for the opposite center. The reasons are the same here, and the odds is really good !

Khris Middleton (Under 4.5 RB) @1.694

Nikola Jokic (Under 10.5 RB) @2.040

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