No less than 3 bets today, 2 of my teams playing tonight. First of all if you followed the previous posts (if not don't hesitate to check them :-)), it worked for Nurkic and Jokic, I think it can work again on Gasol tonight. Lopez was on fire at 3 last match, and they will have to control him and to defend on him. If Gasol does so, he will have to leave the paint and will take less defensive rebounds !

2 other under rebounds bet. One on Middleton. The Grizz are one of the best defensive team conceding very few rebounds. The bucks rebounds number will probably stay under their average and the under is already interesting as it is whatever the opponent team, so I am definitely taking it. The second bet is on Wilson Chandler. The team changed a lot with Butler coming, and both Saric and Covington leaving. Chandler is getting more time on the field, with Saric leaving. This is why the cut is so high. However, with being in the 5, he is now playing more with Embiid and Simmons, 2 rebounds hoovers, and will probably take less of them.

Khris Middleton (Under 4.5 RB) @2.170

Wilson Chandler (Under 4.5 RB) @1.740

Marc Gasol (Under 8.5 RB) @1.840

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