First of all, I wish France & Belgium will make it, I would love to see a Semi Final between the 2 of them. Which you will see, is not an argument in my bets, I don't have any issues with betting against the team I support. 

For Wimbledon I will try something I didn't tried yet, because I saw something interesting while having a look at the stats. Great servers (here we have Raonic & Isner) often manage to win the first set of a match, even breaking the opponent. When you think about it, it can make sense. Even their second ball is hard to return, and in a 3 set match, the opponent always need time to get use to such a service. On top of that, since the result of one set is much more aleatory than the result of a match, the odds are higher than a simple victory bet. So let's try it !

"Ever tried, ever failed, no matter, try again, fail again, fail better."