Today again betting for CSGO - 5.09.2020

+12.5 line is quite safe for me for today. Nemiga is weak recently and Belarus Igor Solodkov ( lollipop21k) started shooting a little bit worse. Team Unique on the other hand is probably one of the worst teams here, however the form of both teams has been hopeless lately. Nemiga had a good match with Gambit recently but apart from that I still don't see such certainty and consistency in the game. Team Unique and Nemiga have played with Spirit recently and you can compare their matches which were not much different from each other but should. Spirit can quite easily cope with the difference between the two teams that they needed 3 maps for Nemige and not two but with similar and equally weak game.

Unique Team vs Nemiga | 15:00

Unique +12,5 @ 1.95