esport beting for LOL best tour this year

DragonX vs Gen.G | 11:00

Bet: Gen.G @ 1.85

Tipster info: Today Gen G is the team that has the shane to get out of second MID cup group. They are not a favorite, but they are very unpredictable and they like to play hard, which can be hard for the Koreans. DragonX is much less flexible and I think Gen G will have an advantage here already at the draft stage. It promises to be an interesting match on the bot - Deft vs Ruler but it's the mid Bdd vs. Chovy who should have the advantage with a bigger pool of champions he plays better. In the pinnacle we have very even odds because as much as 1.85 on Gen G where many bookmakers have already reduced the co-incident to 1.65 - 1.7.