I have just met with Uulotto and i wanted to share it with you because it pays good and you can create your FREE sports betting.. I have checked their payment proofs in the some best reviewing sites and there are many positive comments and lots of payment proofs.. You can check them HERE

The Uulotto pays 0.00000021 BTC per hour and you just can place your bets without any minimum number, you can bet howmuch you would want to..

You can have your bets for football, basketball, cricket, tennis and e-sports.. 100 s of matches waiting for you!

As a betting fan i really loved their website and their system.. You can have your bets without paying anything.. Wonderful idea isn't it??

Their Alexa rank is around 30.000 and that was around 300.000 just 3 months ago.. This website is raising with confidence and i am sure they will reach TOP 10K soon..

They have pre game bets:

They also have live betting which is perfect! I have just got screen shot for you, you would see tonights Champions League games live betting:

They have searching bar, when you write down your team name which you want to bet you would see it easily:

At the bottom of the page you can check your open bets:

They also have daily and weekly lotteries and they pay great ammounts of BTC..

So this is fun and FREE and i believe everyone should register and play there.. Good luck to all!

You can join UULOTTO in HERE

Image sources: Uulotto website