Hello everyone, tomorrow the English Premier League's 6th week weill start. This weekend i have 6 games for you to bet on and i also will show you my previeous week predictions. Last week was ok only Manchester City made my predictions wrong the other games was succesfull. Here you can check;

My predictions from 1 to 5 weeks 👇👇👇

Week 1: (https://scorum.com/en-us/football/@etson/premier-league-1st-week-predictions)

Liverpool v Norwich Liverpool W (1.15) ✔️

Watford v Brighton Watford W (1.97) ✖️

Tottenham v Aston Villa Tottenham W (1.31) ✔️

Week 2: (https://scorum.com/en-us/football/@etson/premier-league-2nd-week-predictions)

Arsenal v Burnley Arsenal W (1.33) ✔️

Everton v Watford Everton W (1.76) ✔️

Southampton v Liverpool Liverpool W (1.48) ✔️

Aston Villa v Bournemouth Aston Villa 1X (1.42) ✖️

Week 3: (https://scorum.com/en-us/football/@etson/premier-league-3rd-week-predictions)

Norwich v Chelsea Chelsea X2 (1.23) ✔️

Man Utd v Crystal Palace Man Utd W (1.31) ✖️

Sheff Utd v Leicester Leicester X2 (1.30) ✔️

Liverpool v Arsenal Liverpool W (1.42) ✔️

Bournemouth v Man City Man City W (1.20) ✔️

Tottenham v Newcastle Tottenham W (1.21) ✖️

Wolves v Burnley Wolves X1 (1.20) ✔️

Week 4: (https://scorum.com/en-us/football/@etson/premier-league-4rd-week-predictions)

Chelsea v Sheffield United Chelsea W (1.38) ✖️

Man City v Brighton Man City -1 (1.24) ✔️

West Ham v Norwich West Ham W (1.93) ✔️

Leicester v Bournemouth Leicester W (1.73) ✔️

Everton v Wolves Everton W (2.21) ✔️

As far as you can see i am going not bad for first 5 weeks and i wish i will be better in next ones..

Here is my Week 5 predictions: (https://scorum.com/en-us/football/@etson/premier-league-5th-week-predictions)

Liverpool v Newcastle Liverpool -1 (1.43) ✔️

Tottenham v Crystal Palace Tottenham W (1.40) ✔️

Norwich v Man City Man City W (1.15) ✖️

Aston Villa v West Ham Aston Villa +1 (1.52) ✔️

Bournemouth v Everton Bournemouth +2 (1.17) ✔️

Here is my Week 6 Predictions: (I will get some risks and will give you some high odds this week, no double chances just W)

Burnley v Norwich Burnley W (2.01)

Everton v Sheff Utd Everton W (1.67)

Man City v Watford Man City W (1.13)

Newcastle v Brighton Newcastle W (2.55)

Arsenal v Aston Villa Arsenal W (1.43)

Chelsea v Liverpool Liverpool W (2.06)

🏆🏆🏆 I wish everyone good luck hope we all could win this week 🏆🏆🏆