We live in the age of football betting Cash Out where punters don’t have to wait for the final whistle in order to get a return on their original stake. Virtually every bookmaker offers Cash Out when it comes to their main football betting markets and many customers embrace the opportunity to take the money and run rather than stay in the bet.

However, punters often have a dilemma when it comes to whether to stay in their bet or alternatively look to Cash Out for a loss, break even or profit. It’s important to consider why the bookies have this facility available and it’s certainly not because they’re feeling generous and want to give customers an extra chance to make money.

How is Football Cash Out Calculated?

When you place a football accumulator, you might wonder how Cash Out is calculated for a multiple bet. If you’ve placed a £10 acca and your Cash Out offer is £50, how do you know whether this represents good value or not? It’s the million dollar question and there are a few things that can help you out.

Firstly, you should consider how much you are going to get as a return if your football bet wins. So if you stand to get a return of £100 and are being offered £50, do you think it’s wise to take 50% of your potential winnings as opposed to staying in the bet and risk losing your entire stake? We also recommend looking at Football news websites such as Football24 7 and the BBC Football news website.

Keep a Note of Your Cash Out Football Bets

Some of the more disciplined punters will keep a list of the football bets that they place. That way, they can keep a log of the wagers that have won and the ones that haven’t been successful. When it comes to Cash Out, customers often want their original bet to lose once they have taken a profit in order to be proven right with regard to their decision.

However, if you find that you are tapping Cash Out on bets that are eventually winning on a long-term basis, then it might be worth revising your strategy as you are ultimately preventing yourself from landing a maximum return on wagers that are clearly successful. We would like to recommend that people look at the right football betting sites before placing a wager. Check out the official WhatAcca.com football blog for the latest news.

The Bookies Want You to Cash Out Every Time

If there’s a profit on the table with your Cash Out offer, then you have to question why the bookies are giving you the chance to take the money and run. The short answer is that they don’t want to shell out a maximum payout and are therefore prepared to dangle the carrot of some early money in order to protect their losses.

Therefore, we’re not saying that Cash Out is a bad idea and we’ve often used it to good effect, although it might be the case that you want to sit that little bit tighter before deciding it’s a good idea to secure a profit. If your judgement is correct more often than not, then you’re doing yourself out of more money.