There are only 5 days left until the main event of the year The International 2019. But this is not a reason to relax and skip less important tournaments, because there you can grab interesting matches.

LOOTBET. Team Empire vs Unique

Unique Win @ 1.85 (PinnacleSports)

The Empire now plays with two substitutions and does it just disgustingly, out of 6 matches they won only one and the one with difficulties (against WaR). Young G cannot find himself in the team, but it's not so bad when you are performing a substitution with support 5, because it affects coordination very much.

Unique form is also far from ideal, but one can already see how the internal “chemistry” of the team is taking shape, how they act as a backbone. And individually, they are no weaker than the Imperials, Pikachu just carries on Invoker, Palantimos is also very strong on carry, in a mix with experienced chsrct and Bignum, the team looks impressive.

LOOTBET. Team Empire vs Pavaga Junior

Win Pavaga @ 1.66 (GGbet)

Belarusian juniors from Pavaga.Junior show the classic (in a good way) CIS Dota with constant pressure and aggression. They remind Vega on qualifications for Int, or at the beginning of their journey.

I think that Pio will put the “chronosphere” on Empire's performance in this tournament.