As @idunique wrote earlier today, there's a lack of attention for women's football/soccer. Currently, there are three international women's tournaments being played, I guess you all know that right?

I am sure that despite not writing about women's football, you know everything about it.

Great, because I am about to organize my first contest here on Scorum, for this contest I will give away 10 SCR to the winner. In case multiple people end on the same result, the price will be shared among them.


Predict the correct score of the semi-final matches of the three tournaments. There will be another one for the final matches later on as well. For each match, you can score points based on your prediction and the actual final results. The predictions you provide are either after 90 minutes, after 120 minutes or after penalties. If you pick a winner, then it doesn't matter if that score is reached after 90 or 120 minutes, there's no difference. If you predict a draw, that is a draw after 120 minutes, in that case, you also need to predict the penalty winner.

Correct winner/draw = 3 points

Exact correct score = 5 points

Correct penalty shootout winner = 1 bonus point

Whoever has the most points after the six matches is the winner. Predictions need to be sent in before the kick-off of the first match of course.

The matches to be predicted

  • Africa Women's Cup of Nations

27/11 16:30 CET Cameroon vs. Nigeria

27/11 19:30 CET South Africa vs. Mali

  • OFC Women's Nations Cup 

28/11 05:00 CET Papua New Guinea vs. Fiji Islands

28/11 05:00 CET New Zealand vs. New Caledonia

  • FIFA U-17 World Cup Semi-finals

28/11 20:00 CET New Zealand vs. Spain

28/11 23:00 CET Mexico vs. Canada

Prediction format

Please submit them in the comment section in the following format: