My marketing model is focused on bettors, many of them leave predictions to satisfy their ego or for a few coins, my goal is to take them to Scorum. In Italy there is a site called SUPERSCOMMESSE.IT, every user leaves his predictions and the best ones have lots of followers, a lot of work for a ridiculous gain, but then why shouldn't they do it here on Scorum? Even with scr at 2 cents they can earn much more.

This site is not a Scorum competitor and not even a social network, offers the comparison of the shares of the top 30 bookmakers, has created a community where everyone can make predictions. All users will surely love Scorum. has about 100k of users, some are really very good, I will try to get in touch directly with the editorial staff, even if I see it very difficult for now. Surely it will be much easier to contact the best members of the community.

Stay connected because there will be new updates in future...

One last thing to the Scorum community, I'm not a gambler, but I like to bet, this is my world and this is where I can look for new users for Scorum.

I am convinced that we need everyone, bloggers, E-sport players, bettors, everything that revolves around sport is welcome on Scorum ... let's go out there and let's get to know each other.


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