As you can see from my previous Wimbledon predictions I only just started to place on the tournament matches, only because of being so preoccupied with the World cup.

Kevin Anderson came through marginally thanks to a fall in fitness from Isner winning at 10/11 and Djokovic came through for me with as correct score winner at 11/2.

Anderson 10/11  £100 placed return £190.90  profit +£90.90

in play betting on 40-0 placing £5 bets returned £20 profit +£20

Nadal (backup bet) 6-1 lost  £20                                         £-20

Djokovic 3-2 winner@ 11/2                                               +£130

Wimbledon semi's profits                                                 +£220.90  profit

Obviously backing both Nadal and Djokovic at 3-2 I can't win both but I was correct in the game going to 5 sets and marginally one winning.

My in play strategy for big servers Anderson and Isner was backing the 40-0, covering all games as the match progresses, if 1st game loses at £5 2/1 cover again £7.5 @ 2/1 odds usually move slightly the less it happens and raise the bet by 50% upon loss. This is only valuable to big servers and poor returners. (Also bare in mind as the match progresses players get sloppier, I like to do this over 2 sets).