Welcome to another exciting weekend where most of the interesting fixtures would be presented by none other than Spanish La Liga. The champions league qualification fight is at its peak that is making the teams take on each other with their full potential. Which of them would make it to the cut would be pretty much decided within these fixtures. Getafe, Sevilla, and Valencia are by far the main contestants where Sevilla is currently holding the spot while Getafe is chasing them with a narrow margin followed by Valencia's exceptional form. This makes the predictions for the upcoming fixtures of La Liga somewhat challenging so let's take a look at my picks and do share your opinion in comments for an engagement reward (as promised in my previous post).

Predictions for Spanish La Liga (Modified Image. Background credits: Sonyphotog)

Levante vs. Espanyol

The hosts have lost their form and they are falling into the abyss of the relegation zone. If they continue to lose games they would soon end up there. Honestly, it would be an unpleasant sight to have teams like Levante being relegated because of which they are perhaps going to give their best to this fixture. The visitors are 6 standings ahead of them and of course, that is because of their better performance so it would not be an easy break for the hosts. In addition, the away team is coming to this fixture in high spirits as they defeated Alaves and Girona in recent fixtures and pulled a draw with Getafe. Both teams have equally won their previous head-to-head ties and there is a considerable percentage of draws as well. Overall, the hosts have a slightly better scoring potential but a weaker defense that has caused them many troubles in the past. The only deal-breaker for backing the away win is their poorer form on the road so we can expect this match to be a fairly balanced fixture with lots of goals at both ends.

  • Draw @3.74
  • Score prediction 2-2
  • Over 2.5 goals @1.8
  • Bet value: Medium
  • Best odds for this fixture

Getafe vs. Sevilla

This is the most exciting fixture this weekend as both teams are sitting right next to each other and a win for the hosts would make them take over the visitors for the 4th spot i.e. qualification for the champions league. Considering the results of the recent fixtures of both teams, it is comfortable to say that the visitors are enjoying a better form than the hosts as they are on three games winning streak, however, the hosts are still hanging in the draw zone. The visitors have twice the scoring potential but they have also conceded more goals than the hosts. Nonetheless, Getafe has managed to win more games at the home ground than the visitors on the road which indicates that this match could very well be another balanced tie.

  • Draw @3.34
  • Score prediction 1-1or 2-2
  • Bet value: Medium
  • Best odds for this fixture

Real Madrid vs. Athletic Club

This is another interesting fixture where both teams are from top of the table with the hosts sitting just 4 places above the visitors. The hosts have returned to the winning ways with 3 games streak after being mercilessly beaten by Ajax and FC Barcelona. The visitors are also in a similar form with just 1 loss and draw in their recent fixtures. The hosts home form is just slightly better than the visitors away form therefore, it would be hard to say anything considering the home/away forms. In addition, the hosts have a massive scoring potential but the visitors have also kept things tight at their back. But, an important point to mention here is their head-to-head ties which have almost always been a draw, which means that giving a goal advantage or so to the away team could just balance the things up in this fixture.

  • Handicap +1.5 Athletic @1.95 or Handicap +1 @2.02
  • Bet value: Low
  • Best odds for this fixture

Villarreal vs. Leganes

The hosts are a tricky side as they are a good team but are facing a terrible relegation threat which they just cleared with a win against Girona in away fixture. However, the deadly sword is still hanging over their heads and they need to do something about it on urgent basis. This fixture could be a ray of hope for them as the visitors have fallen into the draw zone and their away form is also questionable but they are not a bad team at all. The visitors are 4 ranks above the hosts and are way clear from the relegation zone. The hosts might rely on the results from their head-to-head fixtures, where they have defeated the visitors for almost over 67% of the times. Can they do it once again? That would be still hard to say but considering their delicate situation they would give their best to this fixture. The only problem that is and has been with the home team is their terrible defense and if they manage to hold it tight, they might get away with a narrow win here.

  • Home win @1.8
  • Both teams to score: Yes
  • Bet value: Low
  • Best odds for this fixture

Real Betis vs. Valencia

The fight of the might from the first half of the table would take place this weekend as Betis would host the 3 ranks above Valencia. The hosts are experiencing a roller coaster form where they have equally lost and won their games, however, the visitors were on a winning streak, took a dip and are back to winning ways with a green streak. The away team is most definitely in a much better form than the hosts even on the road where they have been undefeated for over 80% of the times while the hosts have lost 50% of their matches at home ground. Both teams have almost equal scoring potential but things are not working well for the hosts recently and the rock-solid defense of the away team is also something that would bother the home side. Moreover, the away team is aiming for the champions league spot where they are in close competition with Girona and Sevilla and they would not like to lose points in this match. I believe that the away team is a better side to back in this fixture considering their motivation and potential.

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