Hello dear bet lovers,

I wanted to move this issue once again on the topic I wrote in my first article on the site. Scorum platform offers the option to make regular and inexpensive money-making option with this rule in the live bet with the rule of the Day 79 I promise to earn a regular earnings.

I will tell you about the 79 min. rule by Serdar Muratşen offering proven earnings from hypothesis to theory and from there to the rule. You can also access his site here. I'm probably 4 years because I'm going to pray to him for a lifetime :) Thanks to you guys I think he falls a few prayer too. I'm explaining this system will print money in offices.

The rule is:

At the 79th minutes of the match in a football match, if there was a total of 5 goals in the match and a total of at least 5 goals (eg 4-1,5-1,4-2,1-4,2-4,1-5,2-6 , 1-6 etc.) in this match after 79 minutes, we will bet one more goal. I am not prefer that scores (3-2,2-3,4-3,3-4,5-4 same etc.)

The odd starts at 1.90-2.20. When you see the six and above this range, you probably won't cover the risk.

It is useful to test the system with simple follow-up before playing. This is important in terms of both practicing yourself and not causing harm to your budget unconsciously. The percentage of success varies between 65-75%. When you consider the range of ranges and the success range, you are convinced that you can achieve excellent profits with this system.

I apologize for my language-borne mistakes, but I can explain in more detail what you don't understand.I'm here to answer every question again. Hoping to help.

I wish no one bet or need it. but for many of us, this is precisely the center of our lives. Stay with the bet, protect your safe.

Good luck with plenty of gains.

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