So, this is my first time in ScorumBet and it looks like making bets is too easy here. I picked first upcoming match of Turkish Super League, Akhisarspor - Beşiktaş and played a bet for Beşiktaş win. The odd was 2.11 by the time I made my bet and it matched instantly.

I put only 1 SCR as this is my first bet there and it's about trying a new platform. When I'm more familiar with the platform I'll make bigger and more bets there. First impression looks good.

It says 1171 SCR matched, so I guess when the platform gets bigger we will see huge amounts there. This is just a start for both platform and us new users.

It has so much potential but I don't know if they are ready for legal procedure. Since crypto isn't controlled by government they might try to shut down services. For example in Turkey all betting sites are forbidden except legal distributor "İddaa". I'm expecting a ban for Scorum in Turkey and sadly our Turkish friends will not use here after that ban. There are certain ways to go around this and people know it well but it would never be legal though. I don't know about other countries, hopefully there won't be too many problems.