When he told her that he liked the way she distracted the Police man at the checkpoint, she looked at him carefully then said, "Men are very foolish, give them something to look at and they are just another sucker".

The above dialogue was gotten from a passage in one of the Fictional Novels written by the master story teller J. H. Chase, which i read in the early 90's. I can't remember the title of the book, but the line stuck to me like a neutral pathway ever since. Although, it may not be related to what i want to say in all particulars, i am sure my drift will be well grasped.

Prior to today's update by our able CEO, scorum's general feelings except of course @pete, was typical of what Hercule Poirot said in one of Agatha's Novel "Mon coeur est sans espoir". (my heart is without hope). Yes, save for a very few users, lots of us have given up hope or at least almost given up. This is especially true by the rate at which users were stealthily abandoning or making public, their intention to jump ship. Others decided to remain invisible, not commenting, not voting,not posting contents nor chatting.

So many reason's were put forward for the massive exodus which doesn't need to be repeated here, but the one's that stood out tops were scorumbet and the need for an update or at least words of encouragement from the CEO, even if it is "we live together and die together".

Vlad Gave Something To Look At.

The much implored and impressed update finally came, and voila, like magic, users we haven't seen since Adam and Eve, appeared out of the shadows, votes were seen flying from the heavens, the comment section was replate with an overflow of scholarly questions such as to elicit blanching from even the nerds. Others were simply praises and appreciation for a delayed update, while people like me, made half-hearted attempts to make sense of it all.

Less i forget, the sports-book is quite 'dope' as someone from my community puts it, which i totally agree. I remember when scorumbet was launched, the effect was also electric. I am sure we have all learned our lessons and are willing to make compromises, mend fences, build bridges and treat each other with respect deserving of mature and civilized individuals.

We may not be like the Policeman who almost got the glimpse of near practical altogether, however, the update no doubt has brought forth visuals that made our eyes google for a better and a second look, promises that will hook us the more, reasons to make us tarry a while, and the hope to terminate the despair that held us captives for months.

Oliver Twist said "Please sir, i need some more". Well, users are asking, please vlad, we need some more, pictures and words, one week today and tomorrow.

While i ask you not to mind me, thank you for stopping by.

Sincerely @izge.