For someone who supports scorumbet bet with little amount of scorum coins on weekly basis, i am sure it will come as a surprise to so many of you to read that i have never bet on scorumbet before.

Apparently, it was bad omen for Arsenal FC that i bet for the first time against them, although i am not a Chelsea fan. The beauty of my maiden journey into scorumbet was that i got extra 6scr on top of my principal, 10scr which i staked against Arsenal. To be honest, if i say that i fully understand the 1x, 2x, odds, 1.35 or 3.678, i will be laying.

I still don't know jack about betting in general, because each time my eyes behold 1x and 2x, my brain will simply freeze or the whole thing becomes a conundrum in a maze. Is my inability to grasp betting at the germ connected to the fact that i have a phobia for Maths and Stats, or is it simply because i have never fully shown interest before?.

To be honest it was just a spur of the moment, izge just opened scorumbet, staked 10scr coins for Chelsea FC to win the Europa Finals and voila, izge is 6scr coins richer. Who was it on the platform that advised users to bet without heat or haste? to bet what will not be missed much and to do it for fun? Well, izge has got his maiden fun and its quite memorable.

The question i asked myself was, did the person who matched the bet did me a favor or the person was overconfident that Chelsea FC was going to loose the match? Because i never expected it to be matched, but when i checked it later, lo and behold, my bet has been matched, on top of that, Chelsea FC was cruising to victory. (whatever the answer is, i thank the person/s who made sure that i got properly baptized on scorumbet :D).

Will i ever bet again on scorumbet again? That i cannot answer for now. I cannot allow myself to be misled by a fluke. But i am willing to learn the ropes for knowing sake and perhaps for future use. Who knows i may fully become a convert.

If you are out there and do not want to touch scorumbet with a 10 foot pole for whatever reason, well, take it from me, it doesn't bite. I too do have reasons perhaps more than yours. Lets not get uppidy all the time or overly sanctimonious :D. You can give it a try when the platform is in full throttle and gear.

And if you don't have extra scorum to bet with, then watch my space for the weekly 50scr FOR FIVE FASTEST FINGERS CONTEST, you may get free 10scr to bet with if you are quick enough. :D.

Sincerely @izge.