If you are new here then i would welcome in this betting and blogging platform made by scorum. Here i will share with you tricks and tips which you may use in your betting online in matches and can earn money. As we have seen there are lots of betting sites which i have been displayed below which are safe and legit and you can trust on them. But one of the trick is do not blindly trust on any betting sites and keep your fund in one betting site or account. This may be at risk if the site will be closed as because you have never seen the company address. If you are taking as a business as your betting as profession i would like to tell you use different sites never trust on any site as because there are risk involved in this sites.

Betting Tip No. (1)

(1)Use a government approved site for betting

As there are lots of risk involve in online field if any of the site may close and they can take away your fund and still you cannot do anything because you are not having any proof or any kind of company address. Government approved sites are always 100% legit because this include risk free betting and if any kind of fraud or scam involve your funds are protected by government. Today no one is saying about this things because everyone want fast money and they want to become rich in few months or year but no on is saying about the risk factor involve in betting sites.

Betting Tip No. (2)

(2) For cricket choose players who are regular making runs

As now a days we cannot say the exact which player is good in this match and who is suitable for this ground looking at the past from my experience if you want to win maximum number of matches then choose players which are regularly making runs. Take batsman who are in first order and good in play then only you can win the match never go upto last batsman as if he is good and the player comes at no 5 then there are less chances of batting and bowling so take maximum batsman of upper order.

Betting Tip No. (3)

(3) How to make Captain and Vice-captain

As we know the match depends on the captain and Vice-captain of the team you made so how to choose a good vice-captain and a good captain so there is good tip choose captain and vice-captain from the all rounder whose batting come's in upper order and he or she is good at bowling. If you want to win the match try this for at least 5-6 matches and see the result because If we take all rounder as captain and vice-captain then the player gets chance for both batting and bowling and if his days goes best then you can win large amount of money in this format. I have won maximum times with this tip and requesting you to try over your team. Captain get 2* point while vice-captain get 1.5* points so your 1 point can be converted if the batsman score 15 runs you will get 30 points as you made captain of your team and same for the vice-captain.

Betting Tip No. (4)

(4) How to choose players which will play 95% in match

See i have not used 100% because it depends on the player we cannot predict the future just we can do prediction looking at the past history so what you have to do just look at the players past history and make a list which player comes in top order and who are at down order and choose the best players from both the team of top order and make the team for down order which are best at bowling skills. Don't be dout if this player will play or not take players which are making more than 20 runs regularly and choose them as slow progress is always good progress.

Betting Tip No. (5)

(5) How to win Big leagues and become rich in one day

Looking at the today seneriao i am betting regularly and i wish i could win the grand league which has bundles of money and become a millionaire. So what is the tip behind this to win just choose odd players as captain and vice-captian then only you can win the grand leagues otherwise forget about it. Because if the match is in between Mi vs KKR then we can choose nitish rana as captain because the competition reduces if he plays well in the match and vice-captain as some other player who has great potential in some matches. If you choose dk as a captain then you will never get chance to win the match because there is competition if this player would go well and you will be ranking behind from others.

Betting Tip No.(6)

(6) Football tips

Football has more betting now a days because recently FIFA worldcup has ended and people where more crazy to earn money and big player where involved in this matches as from now football to make a team take attackers first in your team because they are playing in forward ground so they have more chances for heating goal and if you got 2 goals you will be 90% sure to win the match. Goals has more points then other. Choose best goal keeper as there are only 2 chance to get your points if the goals occur and the goal keeper save the ball there are chances you will get more points. Then after take some mid-fielder because now a days the mid-fielder are coming to forward and making goals, so take good mid-fielders always make a team from both side never go single sided team because if you want to win the battle then both team should be balanced and your team will win.


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