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The moment you have been waiting for is here. Scorum Betting Platfom will be live soon.

Oh Yes!

Scorum is going to the moon soon.

As announced on Scorum official Telegram News Channel and also on the chat channels by Ohla, it's here.

With this awesome stand-alone update made by the Scorum Team which always delivers at the right time, it is no news that Scorum will moon soon. Yeah, moon soon.

It's real truth that many have been waiting for ths update domiciled on

Due to the fixed supply of Scorum Coins and Scorum Power, the betting platform is speculated to cause a form of scarcity that will result in high demand and increase in value.

This is based on the simple principle of economics. Increase in demand leads to increase in price.

What makes the Betting platform special?

There are of-course many cryptocurrency betting platforms out there.

Well, you probably didn't know that betting platforms charge commission on each bet and hence, the reward isn't always what it is.

For Scorum, the case is different. The commission-free betting platform is set to turn in bettors from all around the world.

I know of a few people here who are only interested in betting and hence, are waiting patiently for the betting platform which is here already.

Get Ready For the Launch and be the first to know

Here are tips on how to be the first to know when the betting platform gets launched and be part of the first bettors.

1. Go to

2. Click on 'Get Started' or 'Sign Up'

3. Enter your Email address and click on submit.

4. Wait patiently for that happy mail.

What will we be able to do on ScorumBet?

1. You can make bets in real time with real people.

2. You can make commission free bets.

3. You get to make bets in crypto which is likely to go up all the time so you will be making more money than expected all the time.


Updates on my last presentation coming soon.

Bookoons, one of the attendees has made a post about it already.

Viva Scorum!

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