To Bet or Not to Bet, that is the question. Or is it? I mean, if you don't have liquid SCR, you can't bet now, can you?

Betting is a weird beast. Some people say it is purely based on luck, others seem to think it involves some kind of cosmic knowledge. One thing is sure, you can either win or lose whatever the odds you choose. And choosing how much risk you want to take will decide how you fare in the long run.

While working on BetBot, I learned a few things that I thought I'd share. Keep in my I started this project knowing absolutely nothing about betting and such, so if you are an advanced gambler, this is clearly not for you 😏.


This probably the first thing that will make you uncomfortable. What exactly are those weird numbers? Those are known as Decimal Odds. Let's look at the example on the left. The 1.19 number Barcelona means that Barcelona has very high odds of winning. The counterparty is that if you win, you won't earn a lot of money unless you bet a huge amount.

On the other side, you have Espanyol @14.8. This is pretty intense. What it means is for every 1 SCR you put, you will profit 13.8 (odds -1) SCR if they win.

That's what I meant by How much risk are you willing to take. Stake a small amount on crazy profit, or stake a lot on a small profit. Or you could go all in and stake everything on Espanyol, who knows?

The funny thing is, you could actually win. BetBot once won on a @6 odds. Everything is possible!

I'm pretty sure I know why. Scared to power down?

Liquid SCR Anyone?

I'll send 5 SCR to everyone joining my discord server and writing I WANT TO BET AGAINST YOUR BOT in the #fun-zone channel. *Existing bettors don't count, I want newbies only!

I'll end this post with a request. Please, Scorum Team. Make the posts generate some SCR. If we want engagement on betting, we need a way to split rewards. Also please, community, stop frowning on power downs. Until we have a way to get SCR, this is the easiest way to get liquid bet money!

Pretty puleaze?