Your ROI is 23.21% for your last 100 bets

Due to the insane ROI @BetBot has made in the last months, @BetBot will be giving back some candies - because, let's be realistic, that's all you're gonna be able to buy right now at the current SCR price.

I've chosen bettors that used the @BetBot service in the month of June. So here we go with the



Whoo-hoo! Each of them will receive 20 SCR. Not much but better than nothing right? Have at it!

The attack of the bots

Notify Bot

In other news, @NotifyBot has gone live yesterday in the MakeScorumBetter Server. What is this bot you say? Is it gonna take all our rewards? Will it make the trending section crappy? Well, the answer to that is a big fat NO, so don't worry.

NotifyBot's mission is to give you real-time updates on the people you want to follow. Some people might even say the bot's kind of a creeper. It knows everything that happens on the blockchain and tracks you like a dog tracks a squirrel.

Here's an exemple on how to be notified on my posts: notifyon post julienbh

For now, in the current version, you can track your favorite people's post, comments or votes. In the following versions, I'll probably add more features like betting, delegations, and mentions.

Have a great week!