I know some of you are going to the barricades just by hearing the word bot. Yes, I made a bot. And yes I'm going to lose some money. I'll tell you why I don't really care about my own loss for now.

Your new way to make money

Hello there, dear friends.

I must confess, my job is to be a full-time programmer. And I saw a problem when I went to the SBC discord channel. There is a channel there called #Match-My-Bet. I was seeing users trying to make bets and not finding anyone to match the other side of that bet. Because sadly that's how it works.

You could bet 5000 SCR on a game, if there is nobody to match you, you won't win anything whatever the outcome. That's sad. I happen to have around 300 SCR lying around so I wondered "What could I do for that". And that's where the idea came. Not long after I asked Sasha - aka btb how I could help the betting community. I strongly believe that the growth of Scorum is linked to that bet feature. He told me matching bets was one of the best ways to help the platform grow, and it confirmed my thoughts.

Well it's been almost 1 week I'm working on that little project and I'm proud to announce the first version of the bot is ready. Let's get to the details now, shall we? Here are the basics:

  1. Join my discord channel here!
  2. Type Register yourScorumUserNameHere
  3. Have you made a bet on betScorum? Yes? Go to 5
  4. Make a bet on BetScorum. If you're not sure how that works, ask away!
  5. Now this is where it gets interesting:
    Get the match # in the url of your game. So for exemple for the game here https://betscorum.com/en-us/game/3354, what you need to remember is that magic number at the end of the url (3354)
  6. Type Match game#

Alright, the fine prints now. The bot still has a small money pool, so for now, I am still evaluating how much I will match. The current match value is kinda low at 1 SCR. I might make it higher depending on offer & demand.

One bet match per 8-hour max.

The bot also doesn't support Correct Score and Handicap for now. So only win/tie/lose and goals bets are supported.

Hope you enjoy and please consider voting for my witness - WaveYourFlags - here =)