I want to bet, but I don't have SCR. I have SCR but I can't find anyone to match my bet. I can't find anyone to match my bet because nobody has SCR. Nobody has SCR because we're scared to power down.


Did you catch the weird loop here? No liquidity on the betting platform because of no liquidity on the blog platform. Am I the only one to think we really are in a dire need of post reward split here? I'm fine with whatever percentage even if it's 10%, but please, please make this happen @vlad.

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Lack of Liquidity

Even though the markets are not filled, BetBot helps users get matched up to 20 SCR with a 5% bonus on any market. I still don't understand why people don't use the bot more. You guys can have the best odds in the market and yet you don't take advantage of it. Do it! Now! ;)

Powering Down

If you guys don't know, you can "convert" via your wallet. This means your SP will be converted to SCR. This same SCR can be used on the betting site. It takes a while to convert your SP to SCR though, so be patient until we have the above feature implemented.

Betting Knowledge

I'm starting to think what is really lacking here is the knowledge of how betting works. We need to remove the "fear" of betting. For a newbie, betting should be seen like going to a casino where you put some money and wish to win. Nothing more than that. If you lose you can try again, or you can stop there. But at least, give it a try or two! Sure, the bettors will tell you there is more than that, but if you never did it, you will never learn.

The Future is Right Now

Zero commission bets are really amazing. And with the way Scorum is built, it can handle all the bets in the world fast and without fees. That's the edge we have here compared to other betting sites. On top of that, you can even earn thru the blog channel so isn't it great? Yes, it is!

Free Trial

In my last post, I was giving away 5 SCR for you guys to try FREE. Only 2 people came to try, that's kind of sad. So I'll make this last a little bit longer. Here's what you need to do:

I'll send 5 SCR to everyone joining my discord server and writing I want to bet against your bot.

Witness Voting

Just a heads up, Scorum just released a witness voting tool right within the explorer so if you guys want to vote using the official tool, you can now do it! Go here and vote! Please. It's really important.