Every now and then, Bitcoin casinos roll out a fresh set of casino games for players to test their gambling skills on. Whether it’s a classic revival or a whole new variation, there’s always a new and exciting flavor added to every bettor’s playing experience. And that’s exactly what’s been brought to us this time. Nitrogen Sports has added a new set of casino games below which will surely keep those lockdown blues at bay.

Here are some of the newest Nitrogen casino games you should definitely add to your regular gaming schedule.

Five Hand Blackjack

The classic Blackjack is a huge staple in every Bitcoin casino, so it’s only right that it got a new game variation, in the form of Five Hand Vegas Blackjack. Its gameplay follows the standard Blackjack, but the difference is that players get to simultaneously play five hands, and make additional bets to win the jackpot.

European Roulette

Also among the favored pool of Nitrogen casino games, you can now play Roulette the European way. In this variation, you are faced with a spinning wheel with 37 pockets, and you win by simply betting on the right pocket.

Keno Vegas

Reminiscent of the classic Bingo, Keno Vegas is the game for those who love lotteries, jackpots, and numbers. The game lets you pick a set of numbers on a Keno card, wait for the casino to draw, and then get paid out based on your correct selections. Simple with the right amount of challenge, you can win a good amount of BTC just by playing a game of Keno.

New Slots Variations

Slot machines are a growing favorite in many Bitcoin casinos today, and Nitrogen Sports introduced a wide array of Slots variations. That includes Koi Fortunes, Fruit Loot, Pompeii, and Fortunes of China -- all packed with distinct features and prizes.

Now more than ever is the best time to maximize the opportunities in Bitcoin betting sites, and these new Nitrogen casino games are just the tip of the iceberg. Following the spike in online gambling in these times, gamblers should take advantage of the new features, gambling options, and promos offered by Bitcoin casinos today.