Sports betting is an increasingly popular hobby nowadays. When simply watching the games isn’t fun enough, adding a little wager makes the experience even more exciting. And not to mention the profit that comes with it. That’s why it’s a good thing that sports betting has become more accessible today, thanks to the rising number of sportsbooks available online.

So if you’re new to the betting scene and want to do good with your first bet, worry not, because this sports betting guide is here to help you out.

Create a betting account

In online sports betting, there’s no need to gather your friends to arrange betting schemes among yourselves. You can do it all by yourself, with the help of sportsbooks. You can place a bet on the NBA, NFL and other sports events by creating an account, choosing among the betting formats offered, and filling out a betslip in a sports betting site. You pay for your bets by depositing funds into your account through mobile banking, credit card, or Bitcoin.

Understand odds

The most important thing to learn in a sports betting guide is the odds. Odds represent how the teams are faring in the eyes of the bookmakers. They usually come in numbers, and they guide you in choosing which team you should bet on as well as how much money you can win if you bet on team X or team Y. The odds will show you who the favored teams are and who the underdogs are, and it’s up to you to find which side gives more betting value than the other.

Select a betting format

When you finally engage in online betting, you’ll be surprised by the many ways you can place a sports bet. It can be overwhelming at first, but as a beginner, you can start with money lines, point spreads, and totals. In moneyline betting, you are simply betting on the outright winner of a match. In point spreads, you’re betting on the margin of victory between two teams. And in totals, you’re betting on whether or not the final score of a matchup goes under or over the predicted score.

Manage your bankroll

A sports betting guide isn’t complete without a reminder to keep your balances in check when paying for a sports bet. It’s easy to get lost in the thrill and just bet away, which is a huge no-no for responsible gamblers. Be sure to set a budget for a particular sports wager and don’t go over it to avoid financial problems. You’ll always have the next day to restart and make a new bet anyway!