Slot machines have been some of the most underrated casino games online, and it’s about time we changed that. When you look past the wrong notion that slots have the worst possible odds in the market, you’ll see that there are tons of opportunities you can unlock in a single machine.

That is why there is absolutely no reason to pass on this classic casino game which combines entertainment and full-stack jackpots, especially when you play a good variation of Bitcoin casino slots. And if you’re planning on trying your luck with these games, here are some important things you need to know.

Many players have won massive Bitcoin jackpots

Casino players tend to get skeptical of slots because of the perception that they’re just too hard to handle. Bitcoin slots players are totally out of that bubble. Historically, there is a good number of players who have won incredible amounts of BTC just by playing slots. The biggest Bitcoin slots jackpot win can be traced back in 2013 when a player snagged a whopping 11 million BTC just by playing on a slot machine.

Bitcoin slots are filled with bonuses

Apart from the high-prized jackpots you can snatch from winning the game, slot machines are packed with extra winnings than you know. Slots variations in popular Bitcoin betting sites like Nitrogen Casino all feature in-game bonus rounds that pop up in almost every variation of Bitcoin slots in online betting sites today, which can account for extra cash you can win, or a significant increase in your odds of winning the jackpot.

Bitcoin slots come in an array of variations

Like most nitrogen casino table games, online slot machines have taken a life of their own by infusing unique themes, gameplays and styles into different variations. With Bitcoin slots getting more and more popular by the day, a handful of exciting and creative slots variations have popped up. Now we have Knockout, Pompeii, Fortunes of China, Koi Fortunes and Fruit Loot, just to name a few good releases.