The commission-free betting platform BetScorum has now re-launched again from last Thursday evening after solving some technical difficulties that caused the developers' team to close the BetScorum site for nearly 2 and a half weeks. Before the BetScroum site went down on November 26, I placed 3 bets, and after it’s re-launched, I’ve been placing the bets regularly on BetScorum. I’m not some kind of expert on betting, I’m new to not only betting but also to this Scorum platform. I’ve learned about sports betting just after joining this platform. If anyone is facing the problem on how to start betting on BetScorum then I’m suggesting everyone have a look on @mikey’s post to beginner guide on betting. The topic today I’m going to discuss is not about how to start on the betting or anything like that.

Well, when I first used the BetScorum site I was very impressed with the work done by the developer team. I've never imagined that the betting platform will be that much user-friendly on its first iteration. The response time and the overall UI is superb and hats off to the developer's team for creating such a smooth UI and responsive site. The launch of BetScorum has token the tradition betting system into a whole new level. Many people here on this platform has started some initiative to support and promote the BetScorum community. Everyone here is hoping that the BetScorum will be one of the key factors on the success of Scorum platform in the future.

I like the way these users @mickey (his post) @hassan (his post) and @bjempire (his post) are doing to promote the BetScorum for its success. BetScorum platform is still in the initial phase and the Developers are constantly trying to improve the platform.

I’m going to point out on some things which I personally think will help in the success of BetScorum Platform.


Security is one of the main key factors in the success of every website when it deals with people's personal data, cash or liquid money. If any platform failed to secure these things then the people will lose their faith from the websites. Today when I opened the BetScorum website I noticed the website is not fully secured, I don't have a very clear knowledge on Extended validity(EV) and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) verified certificate but what I know is that to be the website to have a fully secured connection, the padlock near the search bar must indicate locked with a green colour (in Firefox) or shows a locked padlock near search bar (in Chrome). When I don't see the green padlock near the search box I feel insecure to share my personal details. In the case of BetScorum platform, the padlock indication in both Firefox and Chrome is as

Both Firefox and Chrome have defined these symbols as

The padlock colour with its meaning in Firefox.

The padlock colour with its meaning in Chrome.

Every blockchain platform is known for the very high security and encrypted communication. The is fully secured (it shows the green padlock) and most of the websites that deals with cryptocurrency and online transactions are fully secured these days but the BetScorum website indicates it is not fully secured which shows by the padlock with a yellow triangle near search bar. Which means that the site is not fully secured and the intruders may manipulate the contents of websites, but it ensures us that our personal data are secured. I guess everyone understood something about secure connections on internet from the above images. I hope the developers will look on this and ensure the fully secured connection in BetScorum site. If the site is fully secure the users will feel safe to bet here.

Addition of more Sports Categories

Well, It's just the beginning of the BetScorum platform and I'm hoping lot more improvements from the developer team to this community. The Scorum community has writers from a different genre of sports but BetScorum has only started to betting on football games of different league. Not everyone on this platform has the interest in football or has the proper knowledge about the football games so those users might not want to risk their SCR coin to place a bet. In Betherum gaming, they have the sports category of Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey and Tennis for betting. If BetSorum adds some more sports Categories then more users will join and bet fearlessly on BetScorum.

Free Betting

A lot of websites these days give their new users, a signup bonus coin to attract more people on their platforms. When I first joined the Bethereum, I had the 4100 initial signup bonus points to start my betting journey there. Since then I'm constantly betting on that platform with those points. We all know Scorum gives the 5SP as a signup bonus, which user has to wait for 12 months to convert it into the liquid SCR coin. In BetScorum we can't bet without liquid SCR and the new users have to wait so long to get their first liquid SCR converting SP. In my personal opinion, If the new users got the opportunity to place free 2-3 bets of less than 5 SCR then they will also get the chance to place a bet on BetScorum. Even @hassan (on his post) posted about this topic and personally offered the free betting of 100 SCR. I hope the Scorum community will officially announce the bonus signup deposits or free bet to encourage new users to adopt the BetScorum platform.

I'm hoping the developer team will not misjudge these suggestions, I just placed my thoughts here for the improvement of BetScorum site for its success. Feel free to put your words on the comment section about the post, and if you have a better idea to improve BetScroum platform, write in the comment box.

I'm confused about on which category(either betting or Scorum) this article to post, since the article is on BetScorum so I placed under the Betting category hope it will not bother anyone.