Consecutive win in Asia Betting Challenge.

It's me, lovetaxi again, the creator of Asia Betting Challenge, as the name says, is centering on Asia Sports Betting.

I will focus more on other Sports with less attention, such as Volleyball, Handball and Cricket, etc.

The direction is to let the reader notice the existence of other sports for betting, and in turn promote the excitement of that Sports.

My betting bank starts at $100 USD.

The first and second match, we won,

Japan Pro Yakyu - NPB

Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles - Fukuoka Softbank Hawks win Asian handicap -1.5 (Odd: 1.90) WON!

The bank becomes $115.1 USD

Now come to 3rd match

(1) Vietnam Army Open Cup

Trang An Ninh Binh vs Quan Khu 4

(London Time 11:00 10/09/2018)

(Trang An Ninh Binh) Match Handicap- Sets -1.5 (Odd: 1.50)- $10 USD