What is risk?

If someone uses the above query in google, nine out of 10 results will return the meaning of "Hazard and Risk". All of these results are refering about hazards and risks in work and home. What measures should someone take not to get harm.

This is the etymology of "Risk" in Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety. "Risk is the chance or probability that a person will be harmed or experience an adverse health effect if exposed to a hazard. It may also apply to situations with property or equipment loss, or harmful effects on the environment."

If someone try to think an activity in life that does not contain risk, please let me know also. Everything we do in life, is talking risks. All the time. Going to work, playing sports, eating, changing employer for better salary or working enviroment. Life itself is a risk.

Gambling is also risk. If we want to gamble, we should treat this habbit, as anything else in life. Like an ordinary task we have to do, taking all the precautions not to get harm. To protect yourselves, your phycology, your incomes, your family.

If you ask me, I like risk. I like a little gamble in my life. To feel the adrenalin, waiting for the result, minutes before the final result of a game, or forex trading. In the end, nobody made a difference in life, without taking risks.

Either you win or not, it is a nice feeling. It forces you to get out of daily routine. To change a little bit, your schedule. Most of the times this lasts for a couple of minutes, not more. Even if you have bet on a soccer game that it lasts ninety minutes, the suspence is not during the entire game. If game is important and it is up to one goal for the win, the agony is the last five minutes, max ten.

I like also studing about the fact I am about to gamble.

No it is not 100% on luck. Yes, luck is crucial in gambling.  A single fact can make the difference and lead you to profit or loss. A missed penalty, a buzzer beater, an injury may be crusial for your betting. But this is life. 

And it is not the only fact that affect the result.

In fact if you ask me, it is not the major part also.

The most important role plays your phycology and how you manage profits and losses. Remain calm and steady to your system despite the upds and downs. Eventually if you remain calm and steady you will make profit. 

Another important part must be budget management. This must be part of your system. This will keep you calm in case of continues losses, so you will have the opportunity to study for your next move.

The above factors are the most important while betting. Not luck. Study, phycology and your system.

Whoever follows these three rules, has many many chances not to get addicted to gambling and make profits.

So go out there and make a difference!!!

Be well, be risky, be different!!!