I called this post the day of dreams because last night I started playing the main event SECOOP on pokerstars.es from 250€ and I actually survived at day 1 with a good stack of 40BB. We are 1066 people left with the first ITM at place 863. We were 5000+ people when this tournament started.

The first part of the tournament I played really LAG and shoved several times (each time that I smell weakness), I arrived at almost 200K chips but in the last few hands of the day, I lost a huge pot of 80+BB with KK vs T9 that shoved me in a flop 679. He took his T on the river and I came back to 120k chips. Today we will start at 1,5K/3K BB so I have 40BB yet.

If you want to follow my tournament tonight maybe I can stream it. I don't know yet, let me know in the comment box below. If I decide to stream it I will update this post and give you the link. Let's have a look at the payout and dream togheter:

Let's go back to our main topic of this post: FTB, F ### The Bookies, this new format that I launched a few days ago to try to defeat bookmakers by exploiting their weaknesses: promotions. Let's look at yesterday's results.

So, the first day we bet 51Eur to win 15,50 = -35,50

The second day we bet 65Eur to win 117,40= +57.40

In two days we are winning 21,40 Eur + we have 40,00 Eur bonus to bet on Betfair.es

A more than good start, we hope to continue with the same results in the coming days. Today I will not bet on anything because no today's game interests me.

Disclaimer: I am not an English native and I am trying to write in English to improve my language level, so I hope you will understand if there is any grammatical error or incorrect form. If there is some mistake please let me know to help me to improve.


We have created a Discord channel where we share our ideas to improve the experience on Scorum and where we will do a curation program. We are already 120 members. If you want to enter this is the link: http://www.discordapp.com/invite/kkwS8y5