There are few things more fun than playing around with liquid SCR these days. It's even more fun when you win. While I don't expect to amass a large number of coins from trying to predict soccer matches, I am having some luck on, which is within the Scorum platform.

I'm 4/5 over the last two days, including three bets of +200 (3.00 or higher) or greater. I will convert 40% of all of my winnings to Scorum Power while continuing to help keep Bet Scorum active.

Next week I plan to pick 2-3 games a day, do a little research, and risk the available SCR I have on those matches. I am also liquidating my SP only to have available SCR each week to use on Bet Scorum.

Are you playing around on Bet Scorum at all? Why or why not? Post below.