This week I have been playing some small bets. I think it is important to not only focus at BIG EARNING or HIGH ODDS. No one will be rich at betting if they have that focus.

One of the surebets I found this week gave me 1 USD. That is not very much - yes I know that. BUT - it took me about 5 minutes to calculate and make that bet. That is the same as 12 USD in one hour. That is good money.

So for me it is not important if I can win 1 USD or 100 USD. The important is how much time I have to spend to get that money. I will not put one hour to win 1 USD. But 5 minutes is really good.

Some years ago I did not have a job so I was betting and joined a lot of contest. I was calculating, betting and in A LOT of contest 5 hours a day. That was a kind of job. And one lesson was "Never say that 1 USD is to less money to win - It can be your first step to a million..."

/ See you