Some days ago I found a very good bet in my way to “get real money from bonus”. It was Sevilla vs Barcelona. The best result for me was if Sevilla won – and they did with 2-0.

The result for me was:

a) I have bet for 200USD more. When I played for 1500 USD I am done. So this was a good step

b) I won some small amount, about 6 USD. I usually loose some money every time I wager money.

This time I will answer a question before I bet my next bet.

Why do you play for 200 USD every time? Isn´t better to bet 500USD or more to quicker reach the limit?

Well – the answer is that I do not have so much money. I always have to play at the bookmaker and Betfair at the similar time. If I bet for 500USD at bookmaker I always have to play 500USD at Betfair. I do not have so much money to risk at one bet. So I take it step by step instead. That’s the only reason. I never have hurry when I do my bonushunting. If I calculate what I earn per hour - this is pretty good anyway

So to next bet

Arsenal- United

Bookmaker gives “specialodds” at United at 3,0

Betfair Layodds 2,92

Another REAL good deal.

Could only bet 100 USD with that odds. But that is good enough.

I will win 8 USD if United win.

I will loose 5 USD if United loose.

That is a good deal to get a 100 USD "free bet". One more step to my free money.

Today I will also try to make a risk-free bet at Betscorum. I tell you if I get success in some days.