If you want to offer 3,0 at odds at a match for other players in Betscorum you have to bet at the opposite odds.


Juventus vs Arsenal

You want to offer an odds at Juventus at 3,00. In betscorum you have to bet at X2 at a odds to make that 3.00 appear at choice 1 (Juventus) . But how to know what odds to play at to offer that odds at the other side?

Here is the formel. You can put in in Excell or Google Docs.


B2= Where you put the odds you want to offer at a option

C2=Where the new odds will be presented

You can use my doc if you want


Of course you can find this at some website somewhere - But I did not find it so I build my own Excellsheet with the formel.

What to do whith this?

Now you can earn money by offering odds instead of only searching for good odds to bet at. I will write a post about this next time. An idea I have to make more offering bet at Betscorum.