First january 2019 we had a new gamblinglaw in Sweden. For me as a bonushunter it is both good and bad. The new laws says:

  • You have to confirm your account through a bankaccount. So no more doubleaccounts
  • The gamblingsites need to have licens to be active to Swedish players. Some gamblingsites has decided to not get that licens. So for me - fewer places to play at. 
  • Bookmakers can only give ONE bonus. That is NOT good for me. But because that they only can give one they give a BIG one. Last year it was common that I could get 100% up to 100USD for register at a site.Today it is 100% up to 250 USD. And the second good thing is that the let everyone get this welcomebonus. Even if you had play there before. So now it is time for me to grab welcomebonus at every bettingsite and see how much I can get during 2019. 
  • Every player need to put a limit .  So you have to think if you want to play for 500USD in every month or 5000 USD.  But because you can change the limit - this is not a problem. 
  • You can stop yourself. Maybe this is the best part. If you want to stop yourself from playing you can tell that and EVERY gamblingsite with licens will stop you. I think that is good to prevent to much playing for people that can not handle this. 

I think I still can play at bookmakers in other countries - but I do not know if it is legal or not.

In Sweden I can play at exampel Unibet, Betfair, PAF, SvenskaSpel, Betsson, Nordicbet, Betsafe and Expekt

What are your limits in your country?