I want to bet at Sweden saturday night. BUT I can not find that match at Betscorum because it is a international match for EM-qualification.

The odds is at PAF.com

Sweden 1,78

Draw 3,60

Romania 5,40

I want to bet at Sweden. Do you bet against me?

I can offer 500SCR at X2 at the odds 2,10

Just comment "I bet 20 SCR" and you are in. Or more of course

If the match end X2 I will give you payout with odds 2,1

If Sweden win you have to send me the amount that you wrote.

  1. You write your bet
  2. I have to write and accept the bet - if I do not comment the bet is not accepted.

YES - We have to trust each other but this time I just accept bets from my followers.