Did you follow World Cup in Icehockey? If you did you know that it was a lot of matches where underdogs won. The tournament was won by Finland and in two times the team won with an odds higher than 5,5 in a match !!

So - My idea is this. Is it better to bet only at underdogs at a internationall turnament? It is harder for the bookmakers to set right odds than in a national league.

I am going to test this at World Cup Fotball Women. Please tell me what you think about this: In this exampel the favourit play HOME so it is to bet at 1.

IF the odds for X2 is 2,0 or higher I bet 5 USD at that

IF the odds for X2 is lower than 2,0 I bet at 5 USD at 2

SO - I alway bet that the underdog will win. But if it is is very weak underdog I also have an X.

Good or stupid idea?