It is not uncommon for a person who does not have an increased income to be caught up with sudden luck in possessing a large sum of money. The reason for the unforgettable and admirable event and delight can be the gain from the recent participation in the lottery or the successfully completed bet in one of the bookmakers.

It is difficult to establish the time of the first sports betting, but it is known that during the holding of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece during the battles of gladiators, the representative spectators argued about a possible winner. The bookmaker's monetary rate was first recorded in writing in the 17th century. on the territory of France, when some representatives of the nobility decided to put horses on horseback races, concluding with this the most real, competently executed contract from the legal side.

In the world

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the maximum officially recorded gain in the world on a tote is considered to be the luck from investing on English player Catherine Unsworth with a coefficient of 1: 3410. A similar result in the history of profit is classified as fantastic records.

The largest in France is considered to be a gain in a bookmaker's office in the amount of 6.5 million euros, when an inconspicuous bank employee, when filling out the game coupon, guessed the result of more than 10 matches. This player subsequently donated half of the money acquired to the local orphanage.

The sensational Greek team that won Euro 2004 surprised many, but most of all delighted their fans. The fan of the national team experienced double delight, who bet on his victory in the tournament $ 7300. The coefficient was initially 50. After the Greeks reached the final, he made a bet on the same outcome in the amount of 14,600 dollars, but the coefficient was already 10. Everyone knows how the final ended. The fan's euphoria had no limits, because in the sum it became richer by 607 thousand dollars.

In Russia

The fact of the incredible success of a businessman from Russia (Moscow), who staked on the winner in the Australian open tennis tournament in 2010, does not disappear from public attention. With a constant advantage of other tennis players in the starting matches for some time, this man decides to double the initial rate, reaching an unprecedented record in winning several tens of millions of rubles.

Moskvich from the bet for 50 rubles was able to win against BK 141 million. The guy chose the outcomes of 15 matches. The maximum possible gain was 1.5 million rubles, but the guy was so lucky that he won the jackpot and hit a jackpot in the amount of 139.5 million. In general, it turns out just 141 million rubles.

If you calculate the total kef, you get about three million - one of the largest coefficients in history. The stakes were mainly football matches of various leagues, several NHL games, where the outcome for one of them was a draw outcome. What you need to be lucky to guess a draw in hockey ...

Express 1 666 666

In 2001, a rabid express was able to combine the hard worker Mickey Gibbs, who lives in Staffordshire. He bet $ 1.5 on 15 football matches. The coefficient almost went to the level of 1 666 666, but another match was coming up - the Champions League final. Fortunately, Bavaria defeated Valencia in a penalty shootout, and the Briton received $ 833 thousand.

Funny winnings or visionary relatives

Grandfather, when his grandson was 2 years old, made a bet that little Harri Wilson would once play for the Wales team. It took 14 years before in 2013, the midfielder and captain of the youth team, "Liverpool", made his debut for the national team of his country. 50 pounds Grandpa turned into 125 thousand

A similar bet, again, on the Wales national team player, but already rugby, was made by Shane Williams' father. Even before the first call of the son to the national team, the father made a 50-pound bet that his son would not just play for the national team, but would become his best scorer. Oddly enough, but the elder Williams was right and won 25 thousand pounds.

Belarusian Express

I doubt that a football fan was sorting and analyzing matches, but he ruined the bookmaker for $ 100,500 in 2008. The guy guessed 14 outcomes of his express in the selection matches for the 2010 World Cup. I think he regretted only that he put only half a dollar. The overall ratio was 209856, mainly because of the forecast of the exact score in matches such as Finland - Germany (3: 3).