My name is Phartfarm and I'm a sports fan. I derive pleasure in watching football, analyzing sports events, news and updates. I have been so eager to get a platform where I can blog about passion but all to no avail until I meet @tosyne2much who introduced me to Scorum.

I ran through both the blogging and betting platform and I noticed they both have a professional design, navigation and arrangement . Kudos to whoever designed this platform 👌

I feel this platform will do just fine with time and I will be among those that will be glad they took a step of faith to sail with the ship.

Like I said earlier, I derive passion in sports events such as football betting predictions, especially the English Premier League and Italian Serie A, so these are the things I will be doing on this platform. I know I'm not a professional sports writer but I'm going to improve with time

Once again, I'm honoured to be here