I really am having a good time placing some small SBD wagers at @betgames on the steemit network. I am looking forward to Scorum have this type of play. Maybe they do and I just had not found it yet. Anyway @betgames has been timely paying off past games. They keep a good spreadsheet of the action so it is all transparent for everyone in the game to see who your playing against for the amounts in the player pool. Besides the fun of being in the game itself, there are other motivators like a bonus after playing so many games and at least an upvote on a post if losing the game.

Anyway here is what I got in play for the NFL games today so far.

Last I looked no one had bet for the Titans to win vs Jaguars so that bet will likely be returned unless someone jumps in and takes them.

The Redskins pick is admittedly a longshot. But at last look Packers were only a 2.5 point favorite. I took the action because when I looked 3 players had taken the Packers. Figured I would give them some action because an upset would pay nicely at about 3-1. But as other players jump in this will likely change and get closer to 2-1 I would guess. Still a good return if it comes in.

I was surprised to see that someone picked the Bills over the Vikings. They are a 16 point underdog. That seemed like easy money to take the Vikings even though it won't pay much because there should be plenty of action for the Vikings only few players for the Bills. If the upset does come in a wager on the Bills would do very well for those players I would guess.

The Buccaneers have started the season great while the Steelers are in disarray. At the time of this post Bucs were listed as a 1 point favorite. Steeler nation is loyal and they put their money down. No one had yet taken the action on the Bucs side. Figured I should get in there give them some. It is odd to be the favorite and be getting 3-1 return on investment but I will take it.

Thanks for visiting the post and good luck on your picks today.