My bet today

Betting on sport games can no doubt be a very very risky venture. Knowing the game however can give you an edge and help you minimize the risk.

Another thing that I've noticed among guys that bet in this part of the world is their greed. How will you bet with #100 and want to win #1000000. Sometimes I laugh when I see such tickets because I know it's definitely going to be a lost bet except of course by some stroke of rare luck.. And you can't always rely on luck right? So I think it's best to analyze the games and use our thinking faculty when we want to bet.

Earlier today I commented on ibkdagreat's post and made mention that if I were to bet on the Chelsea VS Everton game, I would've made a handicap bet of 2 goals favoring Everton to win. This simply means I'm giving Everton two goals ahead of the match for them to win.. The match ended 2-0 in favor of Chelsea. Making it an aggregate of 2-2 according to my prediction on the post. I would've lost the bet since according to my prediction the match ended up in a draw and Everton didn't win.

I made a different choice when I got to the bookies though. I made a bet on Corners.. Chelsea to have at least 3 corners more than Everton and it played. Chelsea had 7 corners and Everton had just 3. Chelsea surpassed Everton with a difference of four so I won 😁 amongst other bets I played.

Not a bad day for me. I cashed out some money from the bookies. 😎. I feel like I should upload tips from time to time here.. What do you guys say?