Have you ever watched in the movies, where there are scenes with main characters place their bets on horse racing? Usually to payback some debts to mobsters or something like that. And after that, when the race start, they all just start to yell and support their horse? Somehow, that always seems cool to me. I decided to try it and use this opportunity which is given to me. At the first, I didn't know why people are so hyped about it, but really soon I realized how excitement can be. All that noise, and all that energy I felt there was just, Wow! 

   There was few old people, standing by side, who are in horse racing from it beginning I think. They couldn't stop talking about it, so I ask them to give me some information about which horse should I pick, because I'm a newbie in this. I give them the prospect for today's racing, and after a few moments, one of them pointed me on the one name. The Serial Killer!!!

   I know, right! How awesome that name is for the horse?! When you say The Serial Killer, you probably imagine some strong and muscular horse, where nobody can't kick his ass. If is possible, the black one :) 

   But in reality was opposite. He told me that, in his time, he was one of the best horses you can bet on. Now after few injuries, that is not the same horse. He get older, and lose his speed and agility. I wondered how bad can it be? But when I looked at the odds, everything was clear to me. He was last pick, with the odds of 1/17. For example, odds for favorite one was 1/3. I couldn't know that old man was joking or what? Anyway, I didn't care. I walked straight to the bookies.

   Like in the movies, I place my bet, not on the favorite horse of course. The logic behind it is ti gain as much profit as possible, right? I don't owe money to anybody, except banks, but I do it just for fun. I didn't put a lot money on this bet, only 5 euros for your matter. I just wanted to feel how is like to be part of this. I'm betting only on football but this is totally different thing. It was more exciting, maybe because it was my first time, and I already get used to football. Who knows. 

   Impatiently, I waited for race to start.  It was sunny day with no shades anywhere. Thanks God for the wind, otherwise I could collapse there. I think that I drank whole bottle of water. Even it seems like eternity, it only passed about 10 minutes. Finally, the speaker made an announcement saying that race is starting in few minutes. 

   When the race have started, I crossed my fingers and hopped for the best! I didn't yell like in movies, but just watched carefully instead. The Serial Killer have started very well actually. In the first two turns he was competing for the second place and that is the time when I start to think that he can really be winner. My heart start be beat faster and the excitement and adrenaline was on the peak. The third turn was decisive. After that turn, I saw which horse is actually the best, where all those raw power and stamina comes to first plan. On the first place was the horse who is actual winner 3 times in a row, on the second comes last year champion, and so on....TSK, dropped to last place unfortunately, and after that fatal turn, he really left behind. He was struggling to keep up, but that old bones couldn't compete with young and powerful horses. Maybe on a short run, but this one was 1800 meters race. My pick finished last with 2.3 seconds after winning horse.

Despite horse name, the only thing he manage to kill is his chance to qualify for the next race.

   And as a main character here, I lose my bet and my money. As I said, I didn't care because I had a great time out there. Nobody would kill me for few euros, except my GF who was there with me. It was great experience for me and I will do it again, with first opportunity. But next time, I'll take it much more seriously than now. I will be prepared and well informed, so you can expect that, when I post about horse racing betting next time, it will be about winning those bets!

Thanks for reading and supporting me friends. I hope this was interesting for you. I could describe whole event and my impressions but, most of you probably don't have few hours to read it. Thanks!