Big match is on here and adding some more SCR on here. I had a rough day yesterday with some unexpected results. But started with the win on Everton's match just now. The big match between Tottenham and United is almost starting.

Source: betscorum
Source: betscorum

And I added 10 more SCR for Manchester United win here. The odds are pretty good, and I think Solskjaer will have something to prove.

So, it is total of 23 SCR in this match.

Historically, Manutd is the stronger team but the scenario has changed now. But United is coming back to track with some good results. They won last 5 matches. They are looking for more, and hungry. The target for Solskjaer is to qualify to Champions League. These big matches are opportunity to prove that ManUtd deserve to go into the Champions League.

Here are the recent matches between these 2 teams:

Source: 11v11

Last time they met, Spurs defeated ManUtd by 3-0 at their home. So, its time to take revenge and win me some SCR. GO MANCHESTER UNITED.