Greetings to all the Scorum friends!

We are here for seeing the results of our #5 GUESS THE 3 SCORERS Contest.

I want to remember that, from this edition, we have the support of @fullcoverbetting, really big thanks to him!

I always remember you to support  @btb and @stimp1024, two of the admins of the SBC Discord server, who are carrying on their project as witnesses.

For voting, go to

The procedure is really simple:

Enter the account name and key, then click on the box corresponding to the chosen witness. Wait a few seconds to vote for the next one.

These are the @scorum-italia Witness choices:








Ok, now let's go to see the results.

Now the winners will be announced and, as always, the prizes will be given after the payout of the Contest Post.

In this moment, we are over 30$ rewards and the total prize is 10 SCR.

This is the the contest form for the point assignation:
  • +3 for each goal scored
  • +2 for each goal scored on a penalty
  • -2 for each own goal
  • -3 for each wrong penalty


serialfiller 3 points

fullcoverbetting 9 points

davor27 12 points

frafiomatale 9 points

cayelispor53 6 points

voiceoff 9 points

lelluzzo 6 points

sportitalia 6 points

denis.bilibashi 12 points

espn 0 points

giornalista 9 points

mad-runner 9 points

alex3503 12 points

jsock 9 points

easyboi 9 points

srg-lx 6 points

potplucker 9 points

spiceboyz 9 points

stanleyasokingz 9 points

dexpartacus 12 points

leoblancoj 6 points

machupicchu 9 points

elprofe62 12 points

stevenkmoore 12 points

racso87 12 points

barbadosso 12 points

meitanteikun97 9 points


                             And the winners are...









                                              THANK YOU ALL !

                          SEE YOU SOON FOR THE NEXT ROUND!

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