Let's start with the most pleasant thing — results of the previous contest for tipsters. While evaluating participants we paid attention not only to the success of the prediction but also to the quality of content, its design and style. For all the above criteria, the best author is dragobetsky, and he will receive the main prize — 300 SCR. We would also like to give a special prize of 50 SCR to one more participant — writingamigo.

Congratulations to winners and thanks all for participating!

New contest

We would like to draw your attention to some changes in the conditions of the contest. Now participants will have more time to prepare cool posts because the competition will last two weeks instead of one. Also, now it is not necessary to write 2 predictions in order to become a participant. Instead of this, participants should share their posts on social networks. The best tipster will receive 300 SCR, also we will reward the second place with a special prize of 50 SCR. All the rest will receive 5 SCR each.

Terms and conditions

  • Write and publish your predictions with the tag "prediction" (for publication on any other domain — use this word in the appropriate language. For example, when publishing on scorum.tc, use Turkish "tahmin")
  • Your predictions should be devoted to matches that are available on ScorumBet and contain a link to the match page. For instance, if your prediction is about the Liverpool vs. Arsenal match, then the link is https://betscorum.com/en-us/game/145.
  • Publish posts in the “Betting” category, because that is how we are going to find participants of the contest.
  • The title should contain the name of the match and the word prediction (for example, “Liverpool” — “Arsenal”: the prediction for the match 12/29/2018). For the rest, we don’t limit your creativity in the headline or text itself, original approach is welcomed.
  • Write one post for one prediction.
  • The post must be at least 2500 characters long. We appreciate reasonable analytics, not just attempts to guess the result.
  • Share your post on social networks and leave a link to it (the post in the social network) in the comments under this post.

At the end of the contest, we will reward the best, in our opinion, tipsters, evaluating the success of proposed bets, format and quality of the publication, analytical approach and the number of predictions. All entries must be published by Friday, January 18, 23:59 UTC+0.

Good luck!