In case you just joined this wonderful platform, do you know that we have a betting platform where you can bet with your Scorum Coins? 😉Yes you heard me right! That's the beauty of Scorum and the more reason why you should never take the platform with levity. This is our third year of launch and even if you're just joining us, you still have a lot of advantage than those that will be joining us in the next one year or thereafter

If you're a bettor, let me tell you how Betscorum can be beneficial to you😉

1. You earn more SCR

Whether you bought SCR from the exchange or you actually earned it from blog post, you can always use it on Betscorum. This way, you can be increasing your SCR which you can either use to power up your account to have more vote influence or sell it on the exchange.

Trust me! if you're not greedy, you can be winning steadily since you can only bet on a single match on Betscorum and not accumulator

2. You always have something to fall back to

If you actually bought SCR, placed a bet and you lost your SCR, you can easily fall back to the blogging platform to recoup (some or all) your losses. Can you just see another beauty of Scorum? Now, ask yourself, if you lose your money to the regular bookies, what do you fall back to? Do they offer you any other privilege or means to recoup your losses? Hell no! Can you now see you're at the right place? 😉

3. You help the platform grow

Betscorum is still going through birth pangs and it's still suffering from low traffic coupled with the fact that it's only limited to football betting, but we hope more sports would be added in the future

Using Betscorum is your way of helping the platform grow because the more people use both the blogging and betting platform, the more the value of SCR would increase

Don't forget this is weekend and there are many matches available on Betscorum with good odds. Pick any one of them and place your bet and if you see some matches that appear blank you can provide liquidity to it just as @betman does

In case you don't know how to place bet, kindly check out the post below 👇

How To Place A Bet On Betscorum In 60 Seconds

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Post written by @tosyne2much for the @scorumnigeria community