I was inspired by one of scorum’s writers to write on this topic . Until late August this year I had always been of the school of thought that it was impossible to beat the bookies .I was still of the old school of thought that saw betting as gambling. Everything changed when I came across this betting strategy which has increased my winning rate. In this write-up I am goi9ng to bring us up to speed on one of my betting strategy which though not fail proof has for the past three months been generating good returns for me.

If you have been in the betting game long enough, you must have realised that odds for most games don't stay the same. Bookmakers adjust odds taking a number of factors into consideration based on the information available to them. One of the following factors may prompt bookmakers to adjust the odd for a betting event:

*Media hype on a team-This would make bettors bet heavily on a team prompting bookmakers to adjust the odds in order to balance up that market.

*New information-such as injury to a key player, team selection, weather forecast etc.

*Level of confidence on a team- would make punters bet heavily on the favorite

Movement in betting odds provides us a myriad of information initially only accessible to the bookmaker. Like I could tell the possible outcome of a game with a huge probability of success, tell if a game is fixed just by looking at the way the odds for that game has moved .

I don't want this turning into a long boring epistle, so I'm going to stop here to give us the opportunity to digest this and make our own findings so that I wouldn't be speaking to novices when next I write.

If you've had any experience predicting the outcome of games using odds movement kindly share your experience with us. You could as well share if this system has not worked for you maybe we might be able to work together in correcting the mistakes you've made in adopting this betting system.

My next article would be on how we could interpret these odd movement and use the information we have in placing our bets. Before I make my next post I would love to see the level of interest this post has garnered by the number of up votes generated.