As stated in my introduction post, I'm new to Fantasy Football (and sports betting/gambling in general.) This is my third year playing a casual Fantasy Football league with friends, however, I've decided to give DraftKings a go.

Starting with this post, I'm going to be going as far as I can this season with DraftKings, starting with $20. Sharing my thoughts and what I'm learning along the way.

By the way, this series was inspired by something @mikey is doing, check out his post - From $0 to $1,000: My Betting Journey!

What I've Done So Far (Recap Weeks 1-2)

I've messed around with DraftKings the first two weeks of Football. Spending ~$10 with mediocre wins, I was trying to figure out which contests to enter (there are so many!) This recap doesn't really contain my thoughts on the picks (mostly because I'm new and I don't have a lot of valuable information to share,) but as I continue to play, I hope these posts become more informative.


The NFL $50K QUARTER JUKEBOX ($0.25 Entry) - 09/09/18

My Highest Winning Jukebox Lineup: $0.75

This tournament seemed to be the cheapest to enter, at 25 cents (20 entry max,) so I filled up my $5 worth and ended up winning less than $2 when it was all said and done.

The $250K FIRST DOWN [20 ENTRY MAX] - 09/09/18

This Lineup won $2 

This tournament has a $1 entry, so I only entered three times. Only one of my lineups won at $2.


Last week, I decided to switch things up. I thought I might have a better chance playing head to head, beating one person, than trying to rank high in a multi-entry tournament. This is where I focused my efforts this week.


However, I also noticed that I had a free ticket to enter a $3 PLAY-ACTION tournament - and so I did.

My PLAY-ACTION Lineup won $7!

To my surprise, the free-ticket (normally $3 entry) paid off and I won $7!

HEAD TO HEAD - 09/16/18

I entered two HEAD TO HEAD games (one entry at $1 & the other at $3,) and won both! (Maybe my theory of it being easier to win against only one person was paying off.)

I won this $3 battle with 140.54 points!

The $3 entry yielded a total of $5.40. Not huge money, but maybe over the season I can grow my $20 with these H2H games.

My Plans for Week 3

At this point in time, I think the Head to Head game-play style suits my lack of Fantasy knowledge. However, I'm not discounting tournaments entirely!

I'm only choosing to spend $15 of my $20 budget this week, and here's how it's allocated:

  • 12x NFL $1 Head to Head Games (Total = $12)
  • 4x NFL $50K QUARTER JUKEBOX  (Total = $1)
  • 1x Beginner NFL $3K FIRST DOWN (Total = $1)
  • 1x NFL $10K FIRST DOWN [20 ENTRY MAX] (Total $1)
  • 1x NFL $1.7M PLAY-ACTION [$100K TO 1ST] (Free Ticket)

I'll let you know, probably on Monday, how I do!

Do You Play DraftKings? Have Any Advice?

Let me know if you're a DraftKings Fantasy player and if you have any comments or suggestions regarding my journey - or this post. Thanks!