There are leagues with 2-3 clubs which are much stronger than rest of league. Rangers, Celtic, PSV,Ajax, Feyenoord, Porto, Benfica, Sporting etc... are playing in such leagues. One of those league is Serbian where Partizan and Red Star are much stronger than rest which are on semi professional or pure amateur level. Today is week two of this deviant competition and here is my bet advice.

Red Star - Radnicki Nish 1 (1.20)

It's derby on paper, but in reality it's going to be an easy win for Red Star. Away cocah announced urgent need to rest 5 of his players for this match because they 'can't play every few days'. Last season Red Star lost only 4 points from clubs other than Partizan in entire season. Evil thongs are saying that 80% of clubs in league are just Red Star "branch offices". For those who are not there is always extra support by referees ready to help them at any cost knowing they will face fast consequences if Red Star doesn't win. With all of that in mind this home win is strong as castle gate. It looks like 'Consitution of Serbia' forbid Red Star to lose the game. Nish win would be 'attack on consitutional order' :) LoL

Novi Pazar - Partizan Partizan scores 1-3 goals (1.28)

In this game where Partizan is big favorite for win I choose away side will score from from 1 to 3 goals. After not so good performance against Napredak in week one and controversial penalty which lead to urgent removing of that referee from list in following weeks I have no doubt there will be no help for away side from referees. Game will be in front of empty terraces which should make job for black and white easier. Despite all of that I am not so sure in Partizan win, but I am sure "Steam Roller" will score some goals there. Natko, Sadiq and company will score 1,2 or 3 goals. I really don't think they will be so good to score 4 or more today or so bad to fail to score any goal. Odd on Partizan score 1,2 or 3 goals is 1.28 bigger than on away win.

I joined those two games in one accumulator bet with odd of 1.536. Bet is worth around 0.5 USD because it's beginning of long journey toward 50 USD. If I fail I won't cry or get bankrupt for 0.5 USD LoL. If I win next bet will be 0.76 USD etc... Once I got their 50 I'll start with 10 with task to reach 1000.

Only problem here is that bet must be placed on some bookmaker who accept bets on deeply corrupted Serbian league. That's why I placed it on 'Kladionica Tas' in Belgrade.